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Dedication v

Contributors xv

Preface xxv

Acknowledgments xxvii

Section I Hemolymphatic Tissue 1

Chapter 1 Embryonic and Fetal Hematopoiesis 3
Kelli L. Boyd and Brad Bolon

Chapter 2 Stem Cell Biology 9
Dori L. Borjesson and Jed A. Overmann

Chapter 3 Structure of the Bone Marrow 18
Nicole I. Stacy and John W. Harvey

Chapter 4 The Hematopoietic System 27
Bruce D. Car and Davis M. Seelig

Chapter 5 Vasculogenesis and Endothelial Cell Production 37
Jong Hyuk Kim

Chapter 6 Cluster of Differentiation (CD) Antigens 41
Melinda J. Wilkerson and Nora L. Springer

Chapter 7 Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigens 48
Paul R. Hess

Chapter 8 Lymphocyte Biology and Functions 63
Ian Tizard

Chapter 9 Structure and Function of Primary and Secondary Lymphoid Tissue 74
Cleverson D. Souza, Meredeth Mcentire, V.E. Ted Valli, and Robert M. Jacobs

Section II Hematotoxicity 85

Chapter 10 Design and Methods of Nonclinical Hematotoxicity Studies 87
William J. Reagan and Armando R. Irizarry Rovira

Chapter 11 Interpretation of Hematologic Data in Nonclinical Studies 93
JEFFREY Mccartney

Chapter 12 Nonclinical Evaluation of Compound-Related Cytopenias 100
Laurie G. O’rourke

Chapter 13 Nonclinical Evaluation of Compound-Related Alterations in Hemostasis 108
F. Poitout-Belissent

Chapter 14 Preclinical Evaluation of Immunotoxicity 116
Kristin L. Henson

Chapter 15 Blood and Bone Marrow Toxicity Induced by Drugs, Heavy Metals, Chemicals , and Toxic Plants 122
Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 16 Acute Myelotoxicity and Myelitis in Domestic and Laboratory Animals 133
Adam D. Aulbach and Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 17 Chronic Inflammation and Secondary Myelofibrosis in Domestic and Laboratory Animals 138
Adam D. Aulbach and Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 18 Infectious Injury to Bone Marrow 144
K. Jane Wardrop

Section III Erythrocytes 149

Chapter 19 Erythropoiesis 151
Christine Swardson Olver

Chapter 20 Erythrocyte Structure and Function 158
Christine Swardson Olver

Chapter 21 Erythrocyte Biochemistry 166
John W. Harvey

Chapter 22 Erythrokinetics and Erythrocyte Destruction 172
Andrea Pires Dos Santos, and John A. Christian

Chapter 23 Reticulocyte and Heinz Body Staining and Enumeration 181
Harold Tvedten and Andreas Moritz

Chapter 24 Erythrocyte Morphology 188
Anne M. Barger

Chapter 25 Classification and Laboratory Evaluation of Anemia 198
Harold Tvedten

Chapter 26 Erythrocytosis 209
John F. Randolph, Mark E. Peterson, and Erica Behling-Kelly

Chapter 27 Iron and Copper Deficiencies, and Disorders of Iron Metabolism 215
Lauren B. Radakovich and Christine Swardson Olver

Chapter 28 The Porphyrias—Disorders of Defective Heme Synthesis 221
Andrea A. Bohn

Chapter 29 Hereditary Erythroenzymopathies 229
Urs Giger

Chapter 30 Erythrocyte Membrane Defects 238
Mutsumi Inaba and Joanne B. Messick

Chapter 31 Congenital Dyserythropoiesis 248
Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 32 Anemia Associated with Oxidative Injury 252
Erica Behling-Kelly and Ashleigh Newman

Chapter 33 Anemia Caused by Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, and Protozoa 260
Susan Fielder, Robin W. Allison, and James H. Meinkoth

Chapter 34 Anemia Associated with Bacterial and Viral Infections 273
George M. Barrington and Debra C. Sellon

Chapter 35 Immune-Mediated Anemia in the Dog 278
Jillian M. Haines, Andrew Mackin, and Michael J. Day

Chapter 36 Immune-Mediated Anemia in the Cat 292
Ashleigh Newman and Tracy Stokol

Chapter 37 Immune-Mediated Anemia in Ruminants and Horses 300
Jenifer R. Gold

Chapter 38 Precursor-Targeted Immune-Mediated Anemia and Pure Red Cell Aplasia in Dogs and Cats 307
Cynthia A. Lucidi

Chapter 39 Anemia of Inflammatory, Neoplastic, Renal, and Endocrine Diseases 313
Agata K. Grzelak and Michael M. Fry

Chapter 40 Aplastic Anemia 318
Jennifer L. Brazzell and Douglas J. Weiss

Section IV Leukocytes 323

Chapter 41 Granulopoiesis 325
M. Judith Radin and Maxey L. Wellman

Chapter 42 Neutrophil Structure and Biochemistry 333
Claire B. Andreasen

Chapter 43 Neutrophil Function and Response 339
Dana N. Levine and Claire B. Andreasen

Chapter 44 Neutrophil Function Disorders 347
Stefano Comazzi, Luca Aresu, and Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 45 Clinical Evaluation of Neutrophil Function 354
Stefano Comazzi

Chapter 46 Eosinophils and Their Disorders 363
Karen M. Young and Elizabeth A. Layne

Chapter 47 Basophils, Mast Cells, and Their Disorders 373
Brandy C. Kastl and Lisa M. Pohlman

Chapter 48 Monocytes, Macrophages, and Dendritic Cell Production 381
Cleverson D. Souza and Douglas J. Weiss

Chapter 49 Monocytes and Macrophages and Their Disorders 386
Cleverson D. Souza and Meaghan V. Eren

Chapter 50 Lymphocyte Ontogeny and Lymphopoiesis 395
Amy L. Warren and Robin M. Yates

Chapter 51 Structure, Function, and Disorders of Lymphoid Tissue 402
Amy L. Warren and Robin M. Yates

Chapter 52 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 414
Luc Chabanne

Chapter 53 Feline Immunodeficiency Virus 424
Margaret J. Hosie and Hans Lutz

Chapter 54 T Cell, Immunoglobulin, and Complement Immunodeficiency Disorders 431
Peter J. Felsburg

Chapter 55 Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies 436
Steven E. Suter

Chapter 56 Lymphadenopathy Not Caused by Lymphoma 442
Harold Tvedten

Section V Hematologic Neoplasia 449

Chapter 57 Cell-Cycle Control in Hematopoietic Cells 451
Jaime F. Modiano and Catherine A. St. Hill

Chapter 58 Epidemiology of Hematopoietic Neoplasia 457
Michelle G. Ritt

Chapter 59 Genetics of Hematopoietic Neoplasia 463
Diana Giannuzzi, Jaime F. Modiano, and Matthew Breen

Chapter 60 Transforming Retroviruses 471
Mary Jo Burkhard

Chapter 61 Cytochemical Staining and Immunocytochemistry 478
Rose E. Raskin, Kelly Santangelo, and Klaudia Polak

Chapter 62 Determination of Clonality 500
Yuko Goto-Koshino and Hajime Tsujimoto

Chapter 63 Immunophenotyping 508
Austin K. Viall

Chapter 64 Flow Cytometry in Hematologic Neoplasia 515
Jaime L. Tarigo, Davis M. Seelig, and Anne C. Avery

Chapter 65 Classification and General Features of Lymphoma and Leukemia 528
Barbara C. Rutgen and Jennifer Bouschor

Chapter 66 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 538
Eric J. Fish

Chapter 67 Myelodysplastic Syndromes 548
Douglas J. Weiss and Rance K. Sellon

Chapter 68 Acute Myeloid Leukemia 557
Tracy Stokol

Chapter 69 B-Cell Tumors 570
Luca Aresu, Stefano Comazzi, Laura Marconato, and Francesco Bertoni

Chapter 70 Plasma Cell Tumors 588
Antonella Borgatti

Chapter 71 Hodgkin and Hodgkin-Like Lymphoma 599
Daniel A. Heinrich and Erin N. Burton

Chapter 72 T-Cell Tumors 605
Nariman Deravi, Stefan Keller, and Dorothee Bienzle

Chapter 73 Mast Cell Neoplasia 626
Melinda S. Camus

Chapter 74 Histiocytic Proliferative Diseases of Dogs and Cats 633
Peter F. Moore

Section VI Platelets 649

Chapter 75 Thrombopoiesis 651
Mary K. Boudreaux and Pete W. Christopherson

Chapter 76 Platelet Structure 658
Mary K. Boudreaux and Pete W. Christopherson

Chapter 77 Platelet Signal Transduction and Activation Response 667
Pete W. Christopherson and Mary K. Boudreaux

Chapter 78 Platelet Kinetics and Laboratory Evaluation of Thrombocytopenia 675
Adi Wasserkrug-Naor

Chapter 79 Evaluation of Platelet Function 686
Pete W. Christopherson and Marjory B. Brooks

Chapter 80 Immune Thrombocytopenia 696
Dana N. Levine and Marjory B. Brooks

Chapter 81 Nonimmune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia 709
Julie Allen

Chapter 82 Thrombocytosis and Essential Thrombocythemia 721
Julie Allen and Tracy Stokol

Chapter 83 von Willebrand Disease 731
Marjory B. Brooks and James L. Catalfamo

Chapter 84 Inherited Platelet Disorders 739
Mary K. Boudreaux and Pete W. Christopherson

Chapter 85 Acquired Platelet Dysfunction 747
Benjamin M. Brainard

Chapter 86 Treatment of Disorders of Platelet Number and Function 755
Mary Beth Callan

Section VII Hemostasis 763

Chapter 87 Overview of Hemostasis 765
Maureen A. Mcmichael

Chapter 88 Laboratory Testing of Coagulation Disorders 787
Marjory B. Brooks

Chapter 89 Acquired Coagulopathies 804
Marjory B. Brooks and Armelle De Laforcade

Chapter 90 Hereditary Coagulopathies 812
Marjory B. Brooks

Chapter 91 Thrombotic Disorders 821
Erica Behling-Kelly and Robert Goggs

Chapter 92 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 837
Tracy Stokol

Chapter 93 Vascular Diseases 848
Sean P. Mcdonough

Chapter 94 Treatment of Hemostatic Defects 855
Robert Goggs and Alex M. Lynch

Chapter 95 Avian Hemostasis 865
Karen E. Russell and J. Jill Heatley

Section VIII Transfusion Medicine 875

Chapter 96 Erythrocyte Antigens and Blood Groups 877
Marie-Claude Blais and Maria Cecilia T. Penedo

Chapter 97 Granulocyte and Platelet Antigens 891
Jennifer S. Thomas

Chapter 98 Principles of Canine and Feline Blood Collection, Processing, and Storage 898
Anthony C. G. Abrams-Ogg and Shauna L. Blois

Chapter 99 Red Blood Cell Transfusion in the Dog and Cat 908
Mary Beth Callan

Chapter 100 Transfusion of Plasma Products 914
Marjory B. Brooks

Chapter 101 Platelet and Granulocyte Transfusion 921
Anthony C. G. Abrams-Ogg, and Shauna L. Blois

Chapter 102 Blood Transfusion in Large Animals 927
Margaret C. Mudge

Chapter 103 Blood Transfusion in Exotic Species 933
Anneliese Strunk and Anke C. Stohr

Chapter 104 Transfusion Reactions 940
Nicole M. Weinstein

Chapter 105 Cellular Therapy 948
Steven E. Suter and Steven Dow

Chapter 106 Clinical Use of Hematopoietic Growth Factors 957
Steven E. Suter

Chapter 107 Clinical Blood Typing and Crossmatching 964
K. Jane Wardrop

Section IX Species-Specific Hematology 969

Chapter 108 Hematology of Dogs 971
Maggie R. Mccourt and Theresa E. Rizzi

Chapter 109 Hematology of Cats 983
Deanna M. W. Schaefer

Chapter 110 Hematology of Equids 993
Kathleen P. Freeman, Alison J. Farr, and Annalisa Barrelet

Chapter 111 Hematology of Bovids 1004
R. Darren Wood

Chapter 112 Hematology of Sheep and Goats 1012
Jason Stayt

Chapter 113 Hematology of Pigs 1019
Catherine E. Thorn, Andrew S. Bowman, and David Eckersall

Chapter 114 Hematology of Rodentia 1026
Amy L. Macneill

Chapter 115 Hematology of Mustelids 1034
Stacy Clothier and Cathy Johnson-Delaney

Chapter 116 Hematology of Cavies 1043
Samantha J. M. Evans and Kurt L. Zimmerman

Chapter 117 Hematology of Lagomorphs 1050
Francisco O. Conrado

Chapter 118 Hematology of Laboratory Animals 1058
Karyn E. Enos and David M. Moore

Chapter 119 Hematology of Camelids 1073
Susan J. Tornquist

Chapter 120 Hematology of Cervids 1079
Bridget C. Garner

Chapter 121 Hematology of Paenungulata: Elephants, Sirenians, and Hyraxes 1090
Emma H. Hooijberg

Chapter 122 Hematology of Marine Mammals 1104
Nicole I. Stacy and Hendrik H. Nollens

Chapter and Hematology of Galliformes 1114
Julie Piccione and Jessica Hokamp

Chapter 124 Hematology of Psittacines 1127
Diana Schwartz and Hugues Beaufrère

Chapter 125 Hematology of Anseriformes 1140
Jessica Hokamp and Julie Piccione

Chapter 126 Hematology of Raptors 1148
Jennifer Johns

Chapter 127 Hematology of Ratites 1159
Phillip Clark

Chapter 128 Hematology of Elasmobranchs 1166
Jill E. Arnold and Alexa Delaune

Chapter 129 Hematology of Salmonids 1176
Jere Stern

Chapter 130 Hematology of Ictaluridae 1182
Patricia Gaunt

Chapter 131 Hematology of Cyprinidae 1188
Ilze K. Berzins and Alexander E. Primus

Chapter 132 Hematology of Lizards, Crocodilians, and Tuatara 1197
Charlotte Hollinger and Jean A. Paré

Chapter 133 Hematology of Serpentes 1209
Laura J. Black and Marjorie Bercier

Chapter 134 Hematology of Testudines 1219
Jennifer D. Steinberg and Stephen J. Divers

Chapter 135 Hematology of Amphibians 1228

Chapter 136 Hematology of Invertebrates 1233
Jill E. Arnold

Section X Quality Management and Laboratory Techniques 1241

Chapter 137 Quality Management of Hematology Techniques 1243
Martina Stirn and Kathleen P. Freeman

Chapter 138 Total Error and Proficiency Testing 1255
Sten Westgard and Kathleen P. Freeman

Chapter 139 Quantitative Diagnostic Test Validation 1263
Bente Flatland

Chapter 140 Reference Intervals and Decision Limits 1273
Kristen R. Friedrichs, Asger Lundorff Jensen, and Mads Kjelgaard-Hansen

Chapter 141 Bone Marrow Evaluation 1285
Natali B. Bauer and Kendal E. Harr

Chapter 142 Flow Cytometry 1295
Unity Jeffery

Chapter 143 Testing for Immune-Mediated Hematologic Disease 1311
K. Jane Wardrop, Melinda J. Wilkerson, and Cinzia Mastrorilli

Chapter 144 Electrophoresis and Acute-Phase Proteins 1320
Alessia Giordano

Chapter 145 Molecular Diagnostic Techniques 1331
Robert J. Ossiboff

Chapter 146 Genetic Evaluation of Inherited Hematologic Diseases 1337
Noa Safra and Danika Bannasch

Section 10 Glossary 1351

Index 1353

An updated guide to veterinary hematology with expanded coverage on a variety of topics
The revised seventh edition of Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology is updated to provide a comprehensive review of all topics related to disorders of the blood in animals. Designed as a gold-standard reference, this text covers a wide range of species in both confined and free-range populations, reflects the most recent trends in hematology diagnostics, and discusses recent advances in traditional techniques.
Edited and written by an international team of experts in the field, the book represents an accessible yet in-depth resource for information on veterinary hematology. The new edition includes a hemolymphatic tissue section that covers current understanding of basic science and the species-specific hematology section is further expanded from previous editions. New chapters address emerging topics in hematology, and existing chapters have been revised and rearranged to improve readability and simplify access to the material. This seventh edition:
-Updates the most complete reference on veterinary hematology across species
-Contains a new section on basic biology of hemolymphatic tissues
-Expands coverage of species-specific hematology
-Presents new and emerging topics in blood disorders and diagnostic techniques
-Features a reorganized contents list for an integrated, easy to use reference
Written for veterinary clinical pathologists and residents, diagnostic laboratory staff, internists, and specialists, Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference on the topic.

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