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    BENSON, M. /   / SIMPSON, S. /   / RORIE, M. /   / KENNEDY, J.
    White-Collar Crime: An Opportunity Perspective analyzes white-collar crime using the opportunity perspective, which assumes that all crimes depend on offenders recognizing an opportunity to commit an offense. The authors explicate the processes and situational conditions that facilitate opportunities for white-collar crimes and the likelihood of being victimized by white-collar...
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    BENSON, P.
    Legal thinkers typically justify contract law on the basis of economics or promissory morality. But Peter Benson takes another approach. He argues that contract is best explained as a transfer of rights governed by a conception of justice. The result is a comprehensive theory of contract law congruent with Rawlsian liberalism. ...
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    BENSON, B.
    Edwin Walter Kemmerer (1875-1945) fue uno de los grandes héroes anónimos del siglo XX. Profesor de economía en Princeton, fue conocido como el «médico del dinero» en el período de entreguerras, ayudando a diversos países a establecer y mantener monedas fuertes entre 1923 y 1933. Un firme defensor del patrón oro, de tradición clásica y miseana. Oro y patrón oro es el libro qu...
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